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Historic Ala Moana Pumping Station

Board Highlights

Ballots were received via email, fax and mail during the past month. According to the KIA Bylaws, there shall be no more than eleven (11) Board members. The following were elected for the KIA Board of Directors, with officers voted by the board on January 13th:

Steve Sullivan, KIA President

Bobbie Lau, KIA Vice President

Baron Nakamura, KIA Secretary/Treasurer

Board of Directors:

Mark Higa  Kurt Murata

Jay Kadowaki  Bob Oda

Pau Kimura  Dexter Okada

Alison Lee  Peterson Rosario

Congratulations, and a big Mahalo to the Board of Directors for volunteering their time and continuing to support the Kakaako area through the Kakaako Improvement Association. Sherry Goya will remain as the KIA Executive Director.

KIA News

Did anyone see the Island Scene (HMSA’s magazine), Winter 2016, with an article entitled “HCDA rolls out employee bike sharing” and picture of Lindsey Doi and Tony Ching? It said that “HCDA recently started a bike-sharing program for its 23 employees.” They have three bicycles that employees can use for free. Lindsey says that “bike-sharing complements HCDA’s mission to redevelop communities, including development related to transportation.”

Be sure to check the website for Dave and Busters (, as well as the Honolulu Design Center ( for their monthly and/or special events right in Kakaako.