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Historic Ala Moana Pumping Station

Board Highlights

AECOM made a presentation to the KIA Board on the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Master Plan. As the lead, and locally based consultant, they held a public workshop on February 10th at the Blaisdell. The project all started when the Urban Land Institute, a nonprofit think-tank, selected Honolulu as one of five cities to have access to resources and grant money. The Mayor selected the Blaisdell as a focus. WCIT Architecture (KIA Member) and other designers worked over a course of the year with the ULI Rose panel. The grant money was for individuals on the team to visit the site, study, and report back.  Revenue currently at the Blaisdell Center does not match the operations and capital improvements needed in the future; therefore, a market, feasibility study and master plan is underway by the City and County of Honolulu with AECOM as the lead consultant.

The Public workshop February 10, 2015 broke down to sixteen working groups, sharing a lot of information about the history and culture before 50 years of the Blaisdell, through construction, with a summary of strengths and weaknesses and future vision of the Center.  Observations from the Mayor’s team, reinforced by the community, was a desire to understand that this is not an isolated project, yet how it fits into a broad scenario of McKinley School, Thomas Square and all the way down to the waterfront. All agreed that it should be designed for “locals” first and others will go there. There will be a second public workshop later this summer, as well as meetings with the Neighborhood Alliance group. Please visit:

Announcements Made

The Children’s Discovery Center’s Chairman of the Board, Loretta Yajima, said they  have been in Kakaako for many years and now, through the donation from the 2014 KIA Invitational Golf tournament, they have an identity sign over their front door. Loretta thanked the committee, donators, and golfers.

Tina Shelton, Director of Communications at John A. Burns School of Medicine, announced that the school is turning 50 this year, authorized school to legislation cancer center. Member of KIA. Copy on line at the JABSOM.

Steve Sullivan, VP of KIA, announced the 3rd annual Kakaako Cleanup event on Saturday, April 18th in celebration of Earth Day (8am to 1pm) refreshments.

KIA New Member

Territorial Savings Bank

Richard Manungas

1450 Ala Moana Blvd, #1052

Honolulu, HI 96814

Phone: (808) 447-3457

Fax: (808)  955-3732

Email: richard.manungas(at)

HCDA Update

The new HCDA office at the American Brewery Building should be completely renovated this month and occupied in mid-March. Their new address will be 547 Queen Street.

HCDA approved the Ward Village Land Block 1, Project 2 at 330 Kamakee Street, a mixed-use development which includes Whole Foods Market, open space, retail space, parking structure, and residential tower with 466 units behind the Ward Consolidated Theaters.

There are a few bills that HCDA is following during the 2015 Legislative Session:

Senate Bill 916 and House Bill 1020:  seeks to amend reserved housing riles to increase affordability.

House Bill 333: seeks to extend the holdover terms of all existing Authority members so that quorum is not jeopardized when the Authority composition changes on March 1, 2015, per Act 61.

Click here to view the HCDA Updated Project Activity Sheet.


Click here for a list from HART of TMK numbers pertaining to the properties that will be affected by the rail, from Punchbowl to Piikoi.

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