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Historic Ala Moana Pumping Station

The KIA Board nominated and voted to have Miyuki Almario of Central Pacific Bank’s Ward branch as a new KIA Boardmember and the KIA Treasurer. Much appreciation was bestowed on Dane Tonaki, who has been the KIA Treasurer for over four years. He has been promoted and relocated to the CPB Kapolei branch.

The KIA website had 196 (up from 113 last month), with 154 uniques compared to 88 and 1,124 page views for an average of over two minutes per visit. Last month, there were only 842 page views. When a Kakaako neighbor asks about KIA, please be sure to direct them to

Good comments were received by the KIA Board and many KIA members on the August 7th KIA General Membership Meeting. There were seven new KIA members who signed up just in time to attend the meeting at no additional charge. See separate article about the meeting.

KIA Board Highlights

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Jon Yee

1001 Bishop Street, Suite 1600

Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 529-7258

Fax: 524-0246


Ala Moana Surfboard

Richard King

1160 Waimanu Street

Honolulu, HI 96814

Phone: 951-9283

Fax: 941-4504


Hale Investments LLC

dba Keller Williams Honolulu

Dan Ihara

762 Queen Street

Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 754-2225

Fax: 748-0500


Ho`akea Communications

Barbara Tanabe

500 Ala Moana Blvd, Bldg 7-400

Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 543-8377

Fax: 543-8371


Insight Twenty 20

Michelle Chun

P. O. Box 235812

Honolulu, HI 96823

Phone: 537-2545


La Cucina Restaurant


725 Kapiolani Blvd, #C-112

Honolulu, HI 96814

Phone: 593-2626


Patsy T. Mink Center For Business & Leadership

Cynthia Yamasaki

1040 Richards Street, Suite 305

Honolulu, HI 96813

Phone: 596-2636


Rachel Denzer

1915 Naio Street

Honolulu, HI 96817

Phone: 722-6550


Realty 2000, Inc.

Cherry Whitley

524 Kulia Street

Wahiawa, HI 96786

Phone: 282-9277


Security Alarm Shop Inc.

Joey Ching

705 Queen Street

Honolulu, HI  96813

Phone:  523-0121

Fax:  523-0123


Welcome to KIA

New KIA member, La Cucina Ristorante Italiano, is asking KIA members for their support as they were recently nominated in Honolulu Magazine for “Best Italian Restaurant.” KIA votes, as well as any of your family and friends, can help them. The following is the link to place your votes.

Located at 949 Kapiolani (near Ward Avenue), “Studio 909” is street level and part of KIA member, Musicians’ Association of Hawaii. It is Honolulu’s newest special events venue designed for clients that want to host intimate gatherings, meetings, workshops, luncheons and dinner parties in an air-conditioned and sound-proofed room. “Studio 909” comes equipped with 100 chairs, an assortment of rectangular tables, a cocktail foyer area and a full-service kitchen for clients who wish to prepare their own cuisine or bring in their own catering. For a quick tour of “Studio 909” or to book musicians for your events, call Kathy Raymond at 596-2121 or send an email to

KIA News

The Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) is seeking comments on its Kakaako Storm Water Management Program Plan (available at in the Plans/Rules section). This document applies to certain existing storm drains, which were constructed in previous Kakaako improvement district projects and are still owned by the HCDA. The document contains maps showing the locations of the HCDA’s storm drains and outlines a program to prevent and reduce the discharge of storm water pollutants into the HCDA's storm drains and eventually into the ocean. The document was prepared in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Department of Health. To submit comments, ask questions, or request more information, please call 529-7258 or email


Central Pacific Bank’s representative Miyuki Almarie’s phone number is 544-5312.

The listing for BMW of Honolulu and Brodhead Investment Ltd were intertwined, but BMW is at 711 Kapiolani Blvd and Barbara Brodhead at 3054 La Pietra Circle - we apologize for the error.

If there are any changes, please email Sherry at so that note can be made in the September KIA newsletter. KIA members can make the changes in their copy of the directory and the KIA website at will also be changed.

KIA Directory Changes KIA General Membership Meeting

There were over 100 attendees at the KIA General Membership Meeting of Wednesday, August 7th, held in the Kakaako Conference Room of Ward Warehouse. A big Mahalo go out to the Howard Hughes Corporation for the use of the room, Gebco of Hawaii for the photo name badges, and Asahi Grill for their special price for KIA to purchase the bento lunches.

There were four guest speakers who offered up-to-date information about Kakaako. The first presenter was Mayor Kirk Caldwell who said that he had a “Passion for Kakaako.” Through Con-Con in 1978, this special district was created. There has been many discussions, decisions and implementations regarding spending money in Kakaako for wider streets, sidewalks, drainage, and infrastructure. Makai has beautiful parks and the City will keep it that way. He said that rail needs to be built better and reduce the visual impact. In a nutshell, Mayor Caldwell sees Kakaako as a place where someone can live in affordable units, shop, eat, and perhaps have children attend an elementary school.

The head of HART, Dan Grabauskas made a visual presentation, showing the rail route. They have been working with developers to understand how the stations can be integrated into the development and have them fit it into the scheme. Benefits of the project are 40,000 fewer vehicles on the roadways each day and having 10,000 jobs created. The rail will have free wi-fi, luggage racks, and surfboard racks. They will offer comfort, customer service, frequency, reliability, safety system, closed circuit cameras in trains and stations. For updated information, check their website at or call their 24-hour hotline at 566-2299. If you want to communicate via email, it is

Bob Oda said that, “Change is coming to Kakaako.” He and Christian O’Connor of Kamehameha Schools showed poster boards of their SALT project which was just approved by HCDA hours before the KIA General Membership Meeting. “The Collection” condominium project developed by Alexander & Baldwin on Kamehameha land was also approved at the HCDA meeting. Bob said that the State and HCDA has been discussing the area’s infrastructure for years. There is capacity for growth in Kakaako. SALT will recognize the historic use of the area known for its salt ponds, as well as the past, give honor to the history, and create an area for the young to start a business. Current business should also increase. The future in Kakaako is really for the next generation or those who have been locked out of the market.

David Striph, of the Howard Hughes Corporation, said that they are bringing the best of what they learned around the world to Kakaako. Ward has 60 acres of 650,000 square feet of retail and a balance of industrial, office and commercial. They have 300 tenants and 3,000 employees and several million shoppers a year. The IBM building is being renovated and will bring new use with a sales center. HCDA has approved the master plan for the Howard Hughes Corporation; and they voluntarily set their buildings Mauka to Makai. The presentation showed photos of Kakaako old, today, and the future, and calling it “The Gathering Place.” They will have three buildings with retail on the ground floor, and have studio, one, two and three bedrooms.