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Historic Ala Moana Pumping Station

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A presentation was made by the Howard Hughes Corporation on Phase I projects in Kakaako. Nordstrom Rack will be relocating in May and opening in November, and Pier 1 will moving in October, both will be in Phase II of Ward Village Shops now under construction. Howard Hughes says that the redevelopment in Kakaako will commence with four components on four separate blocks: two mixed-use residential towers, one reserved housing tower, and the renovation of the IBM building, a portion of which will serve as the information and sales center for Ward Village. They are working with the rail to be sure all projects are aligned correctly. The theaters will remain in the same place, and there are plans for three to four acres of green space in the middle of Ward Village as a central gathering place for the community. There are currently 700 parking spaces in the garage where TJ Max is located. For more information, go to

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