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Historic Ala Moana Pumping Station

KIA General Membership Meeting

The last KIA General Membership Meeting for 2018 was held on Wednesday, August 29 at Dave & Buster's in Kakaako. There were sixty attendees who enjoyed a delicious lunch and listened to four speakers that offered a wealth of information.  The entire meeting can be found on the KIA website thanks to Board member Peterson Rosario.

Presentations were made by:

Kakaako Ad Hoc Homeless Advisory Group - Carol Fukunaga said there are some KIA members who are part of this group. She also recognized the new HCDA Executive Director. Area community parks all have their fair share of homelessness, but with groups such as business people and community stakeholders such as KIA, can take the recent Bills 51 and 52 to turn them into the next step going forward to assist in solutions. The council looks at regional solutions from community leaders, council members and other agencies to come up with practical solutions to homelessness. The group has come up with some ideas that make sense for the area, and there will be future meetings. She thanked KIA for being a strong partner with the city council and other state agencies to look for solutions.

Law Enforcement Assisted Division (LEAD) Program - Thaddeus Pham is with the state Department of Health and the LEAD program. It arose out of the community in Chinatown downtown and Kakaako because of the homeless situation and what was currently happening was not working. People have various issues and cannot erase them but can help them move down the path towards better care, health and services. He did an overview, provided data, showed what is happening locally, as well as other programs coordinated with LEAD, such as H4. Once initiated by law enforcement, arrest or encounter, they can refer the offender to a case manager who will come within a half an hour. It is not a "get out of free card," but an option for law enforce and for those who want help. If the law enforcement officer gives the referral and does not go to a case management within 30 days, the prosecution or arrest still stands. There was great information from a similar program in Seattle, WA. The presentation and Powerpoint can be found on the KIA website.

Hawaii Homeless Healthcare Hui (H4) Medical Triage Clinic - Andy Mounthongdy is with Queen's Hospital. H4 is a public-private partnership supported by health care and social service agencies, as well as other health care facilities. The mission is to care for the people while they are struggling with homelessness. H4 will have multiple services in one location. The first floor is for hygiene, where the City is going to operate daily. The health care floor is the second and will be open 24/7 for non-emergency services. Third floor will be housing, medical temporary respite. The fourth is the humanitarian aspect with permanent housing on the 4th floor for hard core people who keeps going to the hospital. The building should be open later this year, and each floor plan can be seen on the KIA website.

HCDA Update with the new Executive Director - Aedward Los Banos gave an overview of what HCDA does. By statute, the mission is develop a plan and implement the plan with statewide input. HCDA is not unique, as  you can find development communities in San Francisco, Dallas, etc. There is a plan at HCDA for Kakaako, then called the Oahu Plan for the 1970's which was urban density to preserve the pristine areas. Although there are some community groups who do not like the density with towers coming into Kakaako, entities such as the Sierra Club has endorsed HCDA in the past because the plan keeps the area pristine. The presentation featured the focus of plans in Kakaako, as well as the requirement of Reserved Housing in all developments. There will also be public spaces that Howard Hughes will create and take care of forever.

KIA Networking Event

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 24th from 11:30am for the last KIA Networking Event of the year. It will be held at the Anaha condominium on the corner of Auahi and Kamakee streets. Since this is a very secure building, only those who make an RSVP with Sherry Goya, KIA Executive Director, will be allowed up to the meeting room. As with all KIA Networking Events, this is a FREE event for KIA as everyone may bring their own lunch and Anaha will provide water. Everyone should also bring business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. to distribute to all attendees. RSVPs will be taken from October 8th.

Welcome to KIA

Mr. Lynn Mariano

1288 Kapiolani Blvd, #2509

Honolulu, HI 96814

P (808) 596-2539


JABSOM HOME Project hosts benefit concert

The Homeless Outreach & Medical Education (HOME) Project, an organzation of the University of Hawaiʻi John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), is hosting a concert to raise funds for its free, student-run clinics that service homeless patients. The Hawaiʻi HOME Project uses a large trailer van to provide mobile clinics at homeless shelters throughout Oahu including Honolulu, Waianae and Waialua. The Med Mele Concert, featuring Hoku award-winning bands, will be on Sept. 29th at the JABSOM campus lawn. You may purchase tickets at

Photo/video opportunity: Thursdays 5:00-7:30pm at the Kakaʻako Family Assessment Center (behind the UH Cancer Center in the Kakaʻako Waterfront Park parking lot).

KIA members enjoyed the presentations at a great venue in the second floor showroom of Dave & Buster's