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Historic Ala Moana Pumping Station

KIA Board News

KIA General

Membership Meeting

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

11:30am to 12:30pm

via Zoom video conferencing

(login details TBA)

Mark your calendars now for the second KIA General Membership Meeting of the year on Wednesday, August 26th from 11:30am to 12:30pm. It will be a little different with the KIA Board holding the meeting via Zoom (instead of at Dave and Buster's), where you can be in the comfort of your home, home office, office or even car or back yard.

Guest speakers will be talking about the economic forecast for Kakaako and include a representative from the Small Business Association, a CPA who is a KIA member, and a KIA member from one of the banks in the area. If there are questions for any of the speakers, please email Sherry Goya, KIA Executive Director, at or call 808-722-8487.  

As usual, there is no charge for KIA member to attend and members are encouraged to invite others to the Zoom meeting. Everyone needs to remember the delicious lunch that Dave and Buster's provided and look forward to the January KIA General Membership Meeting to hopefully meet in person.

KIA Member News

Researchers at the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM), University of Hawaii (UH) announce that they have opened the first clinical trial in Hawaii aimed at finding an effective treatment for patients with COVID-19. Research patients will be placed on either a placebo (sugar pill) or telmisartan, a medication commonly used for blood pressure control. For study information, contact Cris Milne at 692-1335 or email

As a KIA member, the Children's Discovery Center mailed their Spring/Summer 2020 The Rainbow Connection newsletter. It let members, such as KIA Executive Director Sherry Goya, know that her annual membership will be extended the length of the Center's closure.

Something that may be of value to parents is the "Discovery Center At-Home Parent Resource" which has a recommended DAILY SCHEDULE that is worth printing in our KIA newsletter.


Get ready for the day!  Encourage children to help prepare breakfast and clean up.  Get dressed and head outside to walk, run, jump, skip or bike!


Engage your child by reading together, drawing and writing, engineering, experimenting with household items, or plan math gams using a deck of cards.


Cook with your kids!  Find simple recipes you and your child can do together.  Cooking with kids promotes math, literacy, science and fine motor development.


Use open-ended materials to create, find items in nature to collage, mix together concoctions for sensory play, have a family dance party, or have fun with Playdoh.


Go back for a nature challenge (scavenger hunt, count the birds, sketch still art).  Have children help prepare dinner.  Clean up from the day and have a family game night.  Get ready for bed and wind down with a good book.