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Historic Ala Moana Pumping Station

KIA General Membership Meeting

There were almost fifty KIA members who enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by KIA member Dave and Buster’s, who also gave KIA a discount. Three presentations were introduced by KIA President Michael Libertini and video-taped by KIA Board member Peterson Rosario (see the entire meeting at

An update from The Howard Hughes Corporation was presented by Todd Apo, with a powerpoint that showed past, present and future developments in Kakaako. The “live, work and play” theme is well and alive in Kakaako thanks to them.

HART’s CEO Andrew Robbins gave timely updates on the work being done in Kakaako currently on Queen Street and planned for the future. The presentation visually showed how construction on the rail will be done through 2024. The stations at Halekauwila/South and Halekauwila/Ward streets were also shown. He said that communication with area businesses and residents has and will continue to be open and informative.

Pictures of the current and future projects of the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation in Kakaako were shared by Craig Hirai, with the newest being built between KIA members Karen’s Kitchen and Sunshine Scuba. See the full presentation on by mid-February.

KIA Member News

KIA members are invited to a complimentary limited-seating Cupola Gallery event sponsored by Amuse Bar (KIA Member The Honolulu Design Center) on Tuesday, February 12th, with seating at 6:30pm and starting at 7pm.  It will be held on the 2nd floor in the Cupola Gallery. Ana Sagadraca, Head Chocolatier at Chocolate on a Mission, will share her creativity and inspiration for helping those in need with chocolate. Make reservations today, call 237-4529 Or email Michael Moore, General Manager at

Did you know that KIA member Obun Hawaii printed the University of Hawaii men’s volleyball handy pocket schedule? Pretty sure they printed all the other sport pocket schedules too. Good job!

KIA Networking Event

Wednesday, Apri 24, 2019


Location: TBA

KIA Networking Event

The first KIA Networking Event of the year will be held on Wednesday, April 24th from 11:30am; however, a location has not yet been confirmed. If any KIA member would like to sponsor the space for about 30 attendees, this is a “bring-your-own-lunch” event so no refreshments are needed - just need a place to sit and talk. For more information or questions, contact Sherry Goya, KIA Executive Director at 722-8487 (text or call) or