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KIA President’s Message

It is an honor to serve as the President of the Kaka’ako Improvement Association (KIA) for 2018. I am deeply grateful to the members and the Board of Directors for electing and providing me with this opportunity. I look forward to carrying on the commitment of KIA to inform, support, and legislate on behalf of its members and the Kaka’ako community.

Thanks to all the past and present KIA members who have supported this Association, KIA reached a milestone and celebrated our 30 year anniversary in 2017. We look forward to serving the Kaka’ako community for many more years to come. A special thank you goes to Sherry Goya, KIA’s Executive Director and the entire KIA Board of Directors who works diligently on your behalf.

We welcome our new and returning members and ask that you continue to visit our website for details of upcoming 2018 events which includes the KIA Invitational Golf Tournament on Wednesday, June 27th.

Please feel free to share your ideas and voice any concerns you have about the Kaka’ako community.  KIA is committed to make Kaka’ako a safer, stronger, more organized community. Thank you again for your membership and continued support.


Kurt Murata

2018 Kaka’ako Improvement Association